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The Ancient Ram Inn currently owned by John Humphries, Is a haunted hotel located in England not far away from Stone Edge which is also believed to involve the paranormal and related things. The Four most deadliest demonic spirits are The Incubus, The Succubus, Michael and his brother Edward. The only spirit I like who is also the niceiest spirit is Mary Anne. When The Ancient Ram Inn was built it was owned by a Church. Alice – Witch. I don’t have a lot of information on Alice, except she is not very nice, wants to harm all visitors but compared to the other evil spirits, she is nothing to worry about. I believe 1 of the 2 cats there belongs to her, it might be the drab dark big rugged nasty cat often seen upstairs and heard to hiss in and around the Witches room. There is also a Bishops Room where 10 Exorcisms were held and a girl was once thrown onto the bed in that very room. In the Barn room where a boy levitated a couple inches in the air for about 6 or 7 seconds then thrown across the room where he hit a door. The GAC ( Ghost Adventures Crew ) investigated The Ram Inn and one EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Said “It's Coming”. But Exactly who`s coming?

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